Autonomous Brachytherapy QA

Brachytherapy machine QA has seen very little evolution for the past 20 years, with manual tools and measurement methods still commonly employed. ​

That all changes with the ORI QA system, an autonomous phantom for HDR Brachytherapy QA which greatly increases measurement accuracy and automatically digitizes all of the QA data all while simultaneously reducing workflow time.

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Autonomous Brachytherapy QA

The OriQA Autonomous HDR Brachytherapy Phantom streamlines the workflow for acquiring dwell position, dwell time and relative source activity measurements for HDR Brachytherapy QA. It allows for automated, rapid acquisition of QA data while minimizing sources of error associated with traditional data acquisition techniques. Drastically exceeding the recommended clinical requirements, the system provides the utmost confidence in performing even the most complex of brachytherapy treatments. Comprehensive reports are generated automatically and all data is digitized for automated upload to QA database systems.

Medical Physics machine QA should be straightforward, accurate, and as automated as possible, allowing physicists to focus more on patient duties.

Automated Accurate Dwell Acquisition

Rapid radioluminescent image acquisition allows for pinpoint positional and temporal measurement accuracy of HDR brachytherapy seeds.

Relative Radioactivity Tracking

Relative source activity is tracked with every acquisition to monitor radioactive decay, verify source integrity and ensure accurate treatment planning.

Automatically Generated Digital Reports

Data is processed in near real time and digital QA reports are automatically generated immediately following data acquisition. These reports are fully customizable to suit your institution and can be signed digitally, simplifying the approval process.

Cloud-based Data Management

Upload your data and reports directly to Klio, Luca Medical Systems’ cloud-based QA data management service. View data longitudinally to observe measurement trends and catch issues before they happen.

Automated Workflow

Dwell position, time, and source activity all acquired in a single click of a button.

Superior Accuracy

Radioluminescent visualization employing industrial machine vision hardware is orders of magnitude more accurate.

Digital Reports and Data Management

Automatically generated reports and data tracking integration with Klio.


Conventional Methods

Manual Measurements

Individual measurements must be acquired separately.

Rudimentary Measurement Tools

Stopwatches, rulers, simple cameras.

Manual Data Management

Data must be entered manually into spreadsheets.

80 µm

Dwell Position Accuracy

12 ms

Dwell Time Accuracy

2 min

Total time for data acquisition, processing and report generation

1.5 %

Relative Activity Accuracy