Autonomous Medical Physics QA

Cancer treatment is evolving at an ever faster pace. Radiation therapy systems and techniques are continuously becoming more complex, and QA must evolve accordingly. Here at Luca Medical Systems, we are dedicated to developing autonomous Medical Physics QA devices that can meet the stringent requirements for optimal measurement accuracy while simultaneously reducing workflow time and complexity

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Autonomous Brachytherapy QA

The OriQA Autonomous HDR Brachytherapy Phantom streamlines the workflow for acquiring dwell position, dwell time and relative source activity measurements for HDR Brachytherapy QA. It allows for automated, rapid acquisition of QA data while minimizing sources of error associated with traditional data acquisition techniques. Drastically exceeding the recommended clinical requirements, the system provides the utmost confidence in performing even the most complex of brachytherapy treatments. Comprehensive reports are generated automatically and all data is digitized for automated upload to QA database systems.


Cloud-Based QA Database

Klio is Luca Medical Systems’ answer to centralized, cloud-based medical physics QA data management. Though the concept of a cloud-based database of QA data is nothing new, Klio’s underlying architecture standardizes the data to allow inter-machine and cross-institutional parameter analysis. Klio is also fully customizable to suit you clinic’s needs, allowing custom forms and algorithms to be employed for data analysis.


Medical Physics machine QA should be straightforward, accurate, and as automated as possible, allowing physicists to focus more on patient duties.

Autonomous Medical Physics QA

QA data acquisition should be simple, automated, and accurate. OriQA combines machine vision and radioluminescence for pinpoint positional and temporal measurement accuracy of HDR brachytherapy seeds.

Automatically Generated Digital Reports

Data is processed in near real time and digital QA reports are automatically generated immediately following data acquisition. These reports are fully customizable to suit your institution and can be signed digitally, simplifying the approval process.

Cloud-Based QA

Upload your data and reports directly to Klio, Luca Medical Systems’ cloud-based QA data management service. View data longitudinally to observe measurement trends and catch issues before they happen.

Custom QA Solutions

Medical Physics QA is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. From forms to phantoms, we will work with you to develop QA that suits your clinic’s individual needs. Contact us to learn more.


Medical Physics QA Solutions

Luca Medical Systems Inc. is a Bay Area startup company dedicated to advancing the automation and organization of medical physics quality assurance (QA). We are employing computer vision and artificial intelligence to develop automated hardware and software that will increase the accuracy of QA measurements all while reducing the complexity and optimizing workflow. In developing these automated tools, we hope to initiate a paradigm shift in medical physics QA in radiation therapy clinics worldwide, leading to improved cancer care. As a company, we pride ourselves in our healthy, inclusive culture that promotes productivity through employee happiness and fulfilment of personal goals.